40 years zukunftsstark

Bechtle has been a pioneer when it comes to digital communication with its potential investors. The IT company from Baden-Württemberg actively engages in financial communication on social media and reaches young stakeholders through its collaboration with professional finfluencers. The next step has now been taken – for the first time ever Bechtle published an interactive online annual report to mark the company’s 40th anniversary.

Bechtle conveys the most important content in a short and “snackable” online report created in collaboration with nexxar. The user can explore the highlights of the fiscal year 2023 through the engaging and interactive one-pager. Priority is given to ensuring the best usability, a fluid user experience, and an interesting digital storytelling journey. 

With its first digital report 2023, Bechtle makes a statement about designing financial communication interactively and for screen devices. With this approach they are able to reach a new generation of investors, communicate content in a modern way, and introduce the people behind Bechtle thanks to digital storytelling.

  • Process & report type

  • Services we provided

    • Consulting
    • Design concept
    • Motion design
    • Programming
    • Hosting
  • Features

    • Video statements
    • Animated key figures
    • Snackable content
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Digital storytelling

Bechtle introduces the CEO, the Sustainability Communications & Reporting Officer and the Head of HR in a personal video statement. One section of the report is specifically dedicated to employees and topics such as training, education, and diversity. The audience gains a deeper insight in the everyday life of Bechtle employees.

Making facts and figures “snackable”

The user is presented with an overview of important key figures and the cornerstones of the Sustainability Strategy 2030 – all in an interactive and attractive way.

Download area

The download section provides access to comprehensive documents and resources, enabling you to explore Bechtle’s financial performance and sustainability initiatives in depth.


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