behind the scenes.

It’s our job to bring dry data and facts to life. One of the reasons why we enjoy this, is being part of the nexxar spirit. The key to our success as a team? We leave room for individuality.

Do not slide.
Edwin Bos Relationship Manager a.i.
Relationship Manager a.i.

I have been working on annual and sustainability reports since 2005 and started my own company ( in 2008. To me producing reports is always exciting, since so many disciplines are involved. Those reports that stand out, know how to reach a broad stakeholder group in a dynamic and interactive way.

Outside the office, I love to spend time on the beach of The Hague with my family and play basketball and tennis with friends.

+31 (0) 613 56 72 52 Phone E-Mail

Ina Maria Bernhard
Project Manager
Project Manager

I guess people call me a generalist, partly because of the differing courses I studied, but also because of my broad interests. In the past few years, however, I mostly focused on the field of communications, which in the end led me to nexxar. Since I love working towards a specific goal, I very much enjoy working on a project basis, immersing myself in the projects and getting to see their outcome. The fact that I also find pleasure in paying attention to details makes me feel even more comfortable here at nexxar.

Apart from that, I have a passion for languages, stories and food (chocolate in particular).

Gerald Krendlsberger
Project Manager
Project Manager

Design fascinates me, usability attracts me and satisfied customers motivate me. My studies in the field of communication science at the University of Salzburg led to a degree and myself to a decision: Move to Vienna! That’s where I found this gifted team of nexxar that I'm now part of.

Besides my job I love to fill my time with music, sports, and friends. Oh, and photography. But behind the camera.

Quiet people have the loudest minds.

Stephen Hawking

Michaela Ilming
Project Manager
Project Manager

With more than ten years of experience in project management in the fields of media and publishing, I have always loved to lead exciting projects. I know how to quickly identify clients’ needs and how to stay on top of things during stressful periods. Also, I have an eye for detail and enjoy managing different tasks and coordinating people. It is such a great opportunity to work with talented people in order to achieve the best outcome.

In my spare time I love spending time with friends or on a climbing wall. Besides, I really enjoy doing yoga, which means you will mostly find me at the yoga studio practicing a peaceful state of mind and strengthening my body at the same time.

ag ag-active Ana Bauer Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer

I discovered nexxar during an internship in the middle of the intense 2014 reporting season. I enjoyed my time very much, and really wanted to stay. So after completing my Bachelor’s degree I became a permanent part of the HTML team. When I’m not in the office, I spend most of my time at college, where I am pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Media Technologies.

My biggest passion outside of nexxar is dancing, and I have been a genuine cheerleader for more than half of my life. What can really get me worked up though, is when I notice that I’m losing at board games!

Thomas Rosenmayr Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager

Being in the field of corporate reporting since the year 2000 it feels like I’ve never done anything else. I love the seasonal reporting cycle as it structures my work-life balance. Outstanding work inspires me and I enjoy partnering with the best. At home I relax with a good glass of wine while cooking or having a disruptive discussion.

Before co-founding nexxar, I completed an MBA and worked two years as equity analyst.

+43 1 596 22 68 - 11 Phone E-Mail

Tina Luftensteiner Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer

After graduating from school in 2012, my hometown of Amstetten quickly became too small and I decided to move to Linz. There I was able to gain two years of Front-End experience working at an advertising agency. During this time, I was constantly attracted to Vienna and in summer 2014 I quickly decided to pack my things and join the nexxar team.

When I’m not in the middle of fighting software-bugs, one can find me travelling through the streets of Vienna on longboard expeditions.

Philipp Piwonka Media Producer
Media Producer

Hi, I’m Philipp and I do tables. You could say it’s the highlight of my day. But you’d have to lie. I’d rather go home and read, or write. But they’re keeping me here. Seriously.

If anybody sees this, please send help.

Nikolaus Rosenmayr Senior Backend Developer
Senior Backend Developer

Speed and precision are my chosen tools when battling IT problems! I am the nexxar IT fireman, at your service 24/7 and from anywhere when problems arise. As co-founder of the company, almost no one knows our systems better than I do. On the private side of things, I prefer to keep my Internet presence small and stay in the background.

Albert Pichler Project Manager
Project Manager

My way to nexxar led me through various professions and studies, from film and video production to sales jobs and publishing house internships and a masters degree in the field of humanities.

I always liked to break down complex matters and processes into their simpler pieces and engage with difficult tasks, which perfectly fits my duties in the field of project management at nexxar. Coordinating these processes excites me and reviewing the results afterwards gives me a feeling of satisfaction.

Apart from that, I am a cinephile and I enjoy Avantgarde and Hollywood movies likewise and can debate about my favorite ones for hours.

James William Porter III
Senior Designer
Senior Designer

I’ve been at nexxar since November 2013, and have worked on many exciting projects since then. Perhaps my favourite part of working here is the ability to work with a multi-faceted and talented team. My education took place back home in Alabama, where I studied Graphic Design for four years.

When I’m not at work I like to experience the outdoors or be with my family. I’m happiest when taking long walks in the woods or just sitting on top of a hillside with a great view. During the spring and summer months I also spend my time following the baseball season and watching as many games as the large time-difference will allow.

Jürgen Tobler Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer

I have been working at nexxar for more than ten years and successfully published countless financial reports. Besides being a senior project manager I am responsible for company-wide project coordination and finance.

Outside of nexxar, I am addicted to my latest "project": Raising a lovely little girl. What a challenge! ;-)

Johannes Lugmayr Senior Frontend Developer
Senior Frontend Developer

I work in the frontend development team. In this area I am mainly concerned with technologies that are used by web browsers for the display and execution of pages and applications.

A moment in life that touches me deeply: when people choose to make up with each other.
Wolfgang Illmeyer Backend Developer
Backend Developer

I've been a passionate software developer ever since elementary school. Studying computer science at the TU Vienna made me become a Viennese by choice. After work, I also enjoy artsy things, like music, photography or typography.

[Breathing] is not only for the sake of producing sound, but also to cool the heart.

Malleus maleficarum, Part II, Question I, Chapter IV

Johannes Duschl Senior Backend Developer
Senior Backend Developer

Since I have always been inspired by the dynamic atmosphere of cosmopolitan cities, I moved to Vienna where I’m now involved in nexxar’s software development. I love to push the limits, and yet it seems …

This profile has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Ingrid Arnezeder
Project Manager
Project Manager

I joined nexxar in 2015 and enjoy working as a project manager in this brilliant team. My objectives are to meet the deadline, find the best solution for our clients, and survive the high season.

When I'm not in the office, you can find me playing beach volleyball, hiking, or strolling through Vienna trying to find the best ice cream in town.

Everything will be good in the end. If it's not good, it's not the end.
Rafael Seifert Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer

My working life started as a seller of high-class jewellery but I quickly came to realise that I love anything web-related. So I started studying Webdesign & Webdevelopment in Vienna which led me to nexxar. I am now part of the frontend development team and I enjoy every day.

Outside of work I like to read and improve my skills.

Aline Thomé

I studied design for five years in my homeland Brazil and also in Spain. Afterwards I came to Austria moved by love and ended up falling in love with Vienna as well. Before coming to nexxar, I was able to work in various areas of design. What I love the most here is the team spirit and how diverse skills are appreciated.

Besides working, I usually spend time with family and friends. Sometimes you can also find me doing acrobatics at the circus school.

Lorenz Pressler
Backend Developer
Backend Developer

I like to solve problems and I like to make others happy. By being a sysadmin here at nexxar, I can do both! When I am not at the office I solve other people’s IT problems or do some old school print design.

And when I’m done working, I love to cook, bake, care for my plants or play a game of classic pinball.

Alexandra Boier
Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

I joined the nexxar team as a project manager in 2013 – coming from linguistic studies, media related internships and years of experience in Marketing. Since then, I get to apply my communication and organisational skills on a daily basis and live out my creative side when discussing report concepts with our design team.

My latest responsibility is to ensure a structured onboarding and training process for new team members. In our “off-season” I am also involved in nexxar’s Marketing activities.

Outside of work, I am passionate about travelling, photography and spending time in nature.

Claudio Barrantes
Motion Graphics Specialist
Motion Graphics Specialist

Early in 2017 I started as a freelancer doing motion graphics here at nexxar. It turned out to be a good fit for the team so after a while we decided to strengthen my envolvement and I proudly became a full part of the nexxar family. Whether it is SVG, GIF or any kind of video animation – my task here is to get things "moving" on screen.

After work I like to spend my spare time playing basketball or frantically playing drums!

Moses Gsellmann Media Producer
Media Producer

My passion is sport, nowadays more passive than active, but still with an expert knowledge. Other than my love for detail, which I live out in photography, I also enjoy traveling. What I like most about my job as a media producer is the variety of challenges and going to my limits in the main season, in order to achieve a common goal.

PS: I’m always available for a table soccer match with my colleagues.

Jasmina Kurko
Assistant HR & Finance
Assistant HR & Finance

Seeking new challenges, I joined the nexxar team in November 2017 to become an assistant for HR & Finance. I am looking forward to a rewarding working relationship with the nexxar team members as well as clients. Also, I believe the variety of my tasks provide a unique experience which can broaden my personal and professional horizon.

Aside from work I focus on my family, enjoy traveling and stay active!

Stefan Ilic Media Producer
Media Producer

I started working at nexxar shortly after graduating from high school, with a focus on communication & media design. I am proud of being a member of nexxar and glad to be able to prove my skills in such a great and motivated team. Even in stressful situations I manage to stay calm and master every difficulty.

In my spare time I like to work on my computer, drive around and go out with friends.

Moritz Schwarzl Designer

Like several of my co-workers I studied design here in Vienna. What intrigues me about graphic design is the possibility to implement other creative techniques in your work. One of those is drawing, which I have been passionate about, since I was a little kid. At nexxar, I was surprised to learn that the creation of business reports has such creative potential but I enjoy combining a lot of different skills and ideas during the creative process.

Outside of work I also like to do art and design, but not so often, since I’m spending way too much time doing fitness and watching movies.

Marlene Schretter Senior Designer
Senior Designer

Supporting nexxar as a graphic designer and art director, I am primarily specialized in print design and production. Before joining the nexxar team, I have collected 15 years of experience working for design and corporate reporting agencies as well as publishing houses in Austria and Germany. In addition, I had the opportunity to boost my design skills with studies in Graz and Potsdam.

I love my profession not only for the fascinating projects and great colleagues but also for the possibility and need of constant personal growth.

Christopher Karger Senior Frontend Developer
Senior Frontend Developer

I am one of the few true born and bred Viennese at nexxar. I began my working life as a graphic and web-designer at an advertising agency, before I came across nexxar and joined the HTML team as a developer. I love web design and programming, therefore it encourages me even more when a problem arises and I’m able to solve it.

When taking a short programming-break, I find just as much excitement challenging my colleagues to a round of table football. My free time I enjoy spending the most with family and friends.

Gernot Waidacher Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer

I went down the path of independence selling cooling systems for computers for some years. After selling my company, I joined nexxar 2010 as a project manager. I grew fond of the nerds in the programming department, and due to my natural organisational talents I am now their technical director as well as co-owner of the company.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs

Manuela Göd Senior Conceptionist
Senior Conceptionist

With a degree in MultiMediaArt and 10 years of experience in big design and automotive agencies I came to Vienna, seeking a company where I could truly participate and achieve something. Guiding our design team gives me the opportunity to do both – with the added extra bonus of being able to work with charming, skilled and dedicated colleagues daily. That’s why I love my job.

I do not have much patience with a thing of beauty that must be explained to be understood.

Charlie Chaplin

Fritz Einzinger Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

I have been a project manager at nexxar since 2008, after I completed a degree in Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten. Before that, I gathered experience in the areas of Public Relations and Website Administration. I have the special ability of always remaining calm and keeping a clear overview of things, which can be quite useful when putting all of my energy into the optimisation of nexxar’s Online First process. This ability also helps me steer even the most stressful projects into safe harbours. However, I can still get agitated with the Austrian Federal Railways, which I must use to travel to work with every day.

Christoph Klaffl
Senior Backend Developer
Senior Backend Developer

After working a period of time as system administrator I increased my working hours at nexxar from 20 to 40. Now I finally have the time to do quite a bit of software development and troubleshooting in addition to the maintenance of the servers and client data.

Eloy Barrantes
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Born and bred in Münster, Germany I've been living in Vienna since 2010. After completing my degree in Communications, I gathered work experience in the areas of financial communication as well as in editing. This included working at a company in Hamburg which focuses on printed annual reports. As CEO of nexxar, I intend to drive the implemen­tation of our strategy and take care of our business development activities.

+43 1 596 22 68 - 18 Phone E-Mail

Johannes Wewalka Senior HR Manager
Senior HR Manager

It’s the intangible asset of heartfelt service that makes nexxar unique and our clients happy. I am still proud that I could evoke part of that spirit in many dedicated colleagues over the last decade. As head of human resources I benefit even more from the diversity and boldness of our newcomers. Hopefully they can profit from my experience and I will stay committed through them to go the extra mile for our projects and clients.

The truth is bearable for mankind.

Ingeborg Bachmann

Patrick Schrabauer Senior Designer
Senior Designer

I have been a designer for almost half of my life, exploring the world of corporate, editorial and ux design, as well as online campaigns and motion graphics. I am a learning machine and I love connecting the dots of different genres to find out if something new arises.

Apart from work, I like to train and teach capoeira, listen to audiobooks, TED Talks and interviews and lose track of time whilst producing bass-heavy electronic music.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Cheri Huber

Mario Nezwal Senior Media Producer
Senior Media Producer

With experience as photographer, graphic designer and advertising engineer I support nexxar most actively in just about every field, sometimes even pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. (…) Readability counts.

From: The Zen of Python

Daniel Gallar
Relationship Manager
Relationship Manager

Down through the years I have come to the realisation that no matter the job you do, life itself is about service. And in order to best serve your customer, you will need passion and skills.

nexxar's approach captivated me from the beginning, as they will go out of their way to encourage creativity and find the best possible solution for their clients.

+43 1 596 22 68 - 40 Phone E-Mail

Martin Sagmüller Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

After years of working in event management and in the publishing sector, I eventually found my way to nexxar. Besides being responsible for project management and focusing on CSR report research, I love to share my passion for good food with my colleagues and to take care of and organise special company events.

Tobias Eberle Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

In addition to my role as project manager, I am also in charge of the process team and responsible for the optimisation and development of our internal processes. And because education is very important to me I also help with organising further education.

Human communication is an artistic technique directed against the solitude unto death.

Vilém Flusser

tl - Copy.jpg tl-active - Copy.jpg Miriam Krimpmann Designer

I first became aware of nexxar during my design studies in Münster, Germany – and as luck would have it, they happened to have an internship available. So I packed my things and moved to Vienna. Now I am part of the design team and very excited about the upcoming projects.

One of my favourite bad habits: the excessive consumption of all kinds of sweets. Since this is not very weight-friendly, I go jogging regularly and enjoy discovering the city at the same time.

Eva Schneeweiß
Senior Conceptionist
Senior Conceptionist

Before joining the nexxar concept unit in 2016 I worked in public relations and marketing in the banking and publishing sector. Over the last years I specialised in corporate publishing, editing a customer magazine.

I am passionate about the sustainable development of society and how to make a difference both in personal life and by means of responsible economic activities. But as Kermit the frog already knew:

It’s not easy being green.
Stefan Reithofer
Media Producer
Media Producer

Before I started working for nexxar in late 2016, I was trained in digital graphic design and communication at HTL1, Linz. After growing up in a small town in Lower Austria, the greenish surroundings turned into concrete when I moved to the capital for a bachelor's degree in sociology at the University of Vienna.

When I am not in the office, you will probably find me outside in the green, drinking coffee, eating leftovers, drawing letters or creating music with my friends.

Daniela Kürner

After finishing “die Graphische” in Vienna and five years of experience in the graphic & prepress-section I joined nexxar and the online design team in 2016 – I really love the spirit here!

Apart from work, I am always busy with something. I don't remember when I last had a boring day as there are so many things to do – spend time with my family, read a good book, learn something, get inspired by nature or make the world around me better & more green.

Lilla Hankiss

Before I moved to Austria I studied Communication Design in Münster, Germany, where I first became aware of nexxar. So I decided to give it a try and – tadaa – here I am in beautiful Vienna. From the first day working at nexxar I have truly felt welcome and appreciated. Working here means a lot of fun and responsibiltiy at the same time, which is great in my opinion.

During my spare time I like to meet up with friends and relax in some nice cafés or go for a drink with colleagues after work.